Have you already subscribed to content that after receiving it you never read it? Well, the world of email marketing is quite Thailand WhatsApp Number List Controversial. although at some point we are willing, voluntarily, to receive content in our inbox, we end up ignoring many things. Worse still, in some cases. We are bombarded by messages that we do not even authorize. The famous spam .despite that, e-mail marketing continues to be the channel. That generates the most return in digital marketing! In this article. You will learn everything about e-mail marketing. Understand why it is still relevant and what are the best writing practices to be successful! In this special training, we are going to teach you the best practices. Writing for e-mail and, also, the next steps to start doing these types of tasks.

The Renaissance of Email Marketing the Indiscriminate Use

of e-mail marketing by companies ended up leaving users a little suspicious of giving up their e-mail data. in the end, it is a vote of confidence: the user gives his data and the company gives him useful content in return. However, unfortunately, many companies did not know how to give value to that vote of confidence. And they went on to bombard the user’s inbox with so many emails that it would be, humanly impossible, to read them. And the worst: the marketing lists of e-mail generated an enormous increase in e-mails from spam .


We Need One to Access Our Social Networks, Register Our

smartphones and download applications, even make purchases online .compared to social networks, which have algorithm-controlled character limits per post and feeds, email is much more flexible and offers more opportunities to achieve our goals. How is email becoming a more powerful channel than social media? Facebook limits the scope of posts based on several factors, many of them related to user behavior on the web. now, in email marketing, all your recipients will receive your content, without restrictions. Speaking of flexibility, you can personalize an email the way you want: you can address the client using their name, segment the content according to the interests and needs of each one, and even create a visual identity of the company in the design of the e-mail, for example.

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