The fifth edition of the Digital360 Awards 2020 presents itself as a path Switzerland Phone Number that makes the most of the potential of digital and that will allow all candidates to constantly compare, align, debate and share with the CIOs of the Jury. Here all the necessary information. Applications are open until May 28th.

Awards 2020: An All-digital


The decision was born from the desire to capitalize on the experiences lived during. The lockdown period of the past months that the Digital 360 Group. Has enhanced Switzerland Phone Number with the creation and implementation of moments of digital meeting and comparison. After the success of the 2019 edition, this year too the initiative will integrate with Summation. It aggregating the largest CIO community in Italy.

Switzerland Phone Number List

Format For The Fifth

Infrastructure solutions, Blockchain.Unlike other contests, however, in addition to the criterion of originality and innovation, that of replicability will be Switzerland Phone Number considered fundamental. The projects must, in fact, have been.


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