Editor’s introduction: You may have Jordan Phone Number heard many versions of the definition of Zhongtai, but can you really understand Zhongtai and use it for yourself? The author shared some concepts about Zhongtai and his overall understanding of.  Zhongtai, hoping to reach an agreement with everyone, and summed up. A few key points of his work to share with you.

I have been working in. China and Taiwan for more than 5 years, and I plan to do some summaries and reviews of past. Business development and personal growth in the near future.

Before that. I will briefly introduce some concepts about Zhongtai and some of my principles and views on. Zhongtai as a whole, so that readers can align their cognitions.

1. Introduction to the concept of China and Taiwan

The above is the definition of Zhongtai in Baidu Encyclopedia. After reading it, you can see 2 core information:

① Flexibility, spe, avo duplication of construction, improve efficiency, these keywords together are unders as “high reusability makes cost reduction and efficiency increase”.

Here, everyone first remember the word “reuse”, which is the most essential point of Zhongtai.

2. A short story of Zhongtai

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Next, I will tell you two short stories about the well-known and most widely circulated stories about Zhongtai, so that everyone can feel more intuitively what Zhongtai is.

This story is simpler to read. It is the US military’s combat form, which combines the flexibility of the frontliners with the powerful firepower of the sea, land and air at the rear to maximize the advantages of both.

In fact, I think it may not only be the US military, but most of the military should be in this form. After all, the rear firepower cost is very high, and it is impossible to equip every front line.

The above two short stories, whether true or false, are actually intended to let everyone feel the characteristics of Zhongtai: flexibility, reusability, and cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Supercell is a game company with few members, but it can quickly produce explosive products. The essence is that their company has abstracted many capabilities and materials of the game core into public capabilities in terms of architecture, and then a small upstream team can agile and low-cost trial and error to quickly find market user needs.

Then, the Alibaba executive team was inspired by this and started the well-known “big, middle, Taiwan, small front-end” organizational reform.

Both companies are real, but whether there is really such a story behind it is unknown.

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