First of all, combined with the concept of human goods factory Shandong Mobile Phone Number  hat we have analyzed before, can it be combined to explain what the takeaway business is?

What is a person? It is a user, and then Shandong Mobile Phone Number  where does this user come from? In fact, it comes to the app such as For this factory, people come, and then what is the product?

With people and goods, how does Online connect people with goods?

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Online means being online. With an app, how can the outside world obtain more traffic and enable various marketing. Methods to allow users to come to the app online? Then how do merchants come to Online merchants?

BD can move merchants online, and then let these merchants move their products online,

and this product is also online.

When a transaction occurs between people and goods,

distribution, it is actually necessary to have an interactive relationship with Offline. Where will this Offline have an interactive relationship? There are actually several connections.

The first one is that when your merchant gets the order, he will take the order and then serve the meal. This is actually a transfer. This is an Offline concept.

There are actually several connection points here. The first is that BD must have a connection with merchants, because BD has to go offline, and move this offline merchant to online, and this offline to online.

Then the user also needs to connect. From the original direct order to the store, the user does not need to go to the store to directly use the APP to place an order. In fact, there is a process of switching from offline to online and online to offline.

When he forms an order, there is a connection between the rider and the merchant at this time, and they are linked through the order. At this time, an online order becomes an offline physical object, and this meal passes through The rider makes a link, and then the rider makes a link with the user to deliver the meal to the user, which is actually such a concept.

So through this interpretation, even if we don’t know what the takeaway business is, what the product looks like behind it, and a core capability that the product should have, we can actually draw this picture no matter what, this is a business Concept of a big scene above.

The flow between a business is clearly explained, so what should we consider first?

That is, whether you are a product or not, whether you are a B-end product or not, you are not even a product. In fact, if you think about this business, if you think deeply, you can also draw this picture. This is our first Let’s first look at what the big scene of our entire business is, how do we come to understand the concept of Online To Offline people and goods factory in the takeaway business, we find this main business scene, then let’s look at the core link, in order to What are the core links of his business to support the previous business going down?

  • business core link
  • Business Development: Investment, Settlement, Operation——”Commercial Revenue (requires the ability to support the sales business)
  • Support ability: logistics management, rider management
  • General Ability Support

2. Business Core Links

For the first one, there will definitely be a link to the overall business. The overall link of the business is nothing more than based on this positioning, and then the user finds a store and makes a transaction, and then after placing an order, the logistics will do the distribution, and finally settle the settlement. This is the most core business link.

basic business link.

4. Business Development

For the second support, there will be something called business development. The words in business

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