Marketing guides you not only inside the supermarket, but even before you enter it. By geolocating you. A new frontier for large-scale distribution is in fact represent by Estonia Phone number proximity marketing. Which is based on geo-localization systems to directly reach customers who are near the store: just be near. The supermarket to receive a push notification on your smartphone. Which warns of new promotions. Thus inviting potential consumers to enter. Compared to the usual promotional sms, proximity marketing push notifications. Allow you to share highly personalized content with users and allow you to intercept customers in. The most appropriate place and in real time. A pioneer in the use of this digital marketing strategy. In italy is. as a matter of fact,The végé group, which already in Estonia Phone number 2018 created a short film.

This New Frontier of Digital Marketing and Its Benefits

To do this, he focused on emotions, telling. A love story born in the Estonia Phone number supermarket thanks to the push notifications sent by the supermarket. The video was mae in partnership with coca-cola. Because? This type of personalized , geo-localized and. Real-time communication is advantageous not only for large-scale distribution but also for individual brands. Since this marketing strategy can be activate even when the customer is already inside the supermarket. As he wanders through the aisles, bringing his attention via push notifications to particular promotions or. Individual brand products as he approaches them. “Végé emotional marketing” 2. The price flirtatious another. Much more traditional, technique with which marketing takes you to the supermarket is represent by. The Estonia Phone number flirtatious price.

This Strategy, Known in English as ” Loss Leader

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Consists in promoting a branded product, selling Estonia Phone number it at. A remarkably low price, even below cost, which acts as a lure to bring consumers into the store. In fact, this type of promotions reach you directly at home, through the typical supermarket flyers. Which you find in the letterbox. In fact, the aim is not so much to increase sales of the product in promotion. But to attract customers and thus encourage the purchase of other products, once inside the supermarket. Flyer below cost 3. The winning combination why is the pasta department always close to. The condiments department and drinks are often even fo in the same aisle as chips and Estonia Phone number various snacks.

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