educational institutions at all levels to switch to remote teaching through digital platforms. In this article, you will find 4 keys necessary to assume this change. Whether you are an educational institution, teacher, or student. Online education: educational Panama WhatsApp Number List of the education of our time is no longer carried out within four walls, but using technologies with total independence of time and space, allowing the student to always sit in the front row and have the full attention. In this context, online education has emerged. Which uses technologies for the teaching and learning process. Tests your acquired knowledge. and interacts with peers and teachers generally asynchronously.

Synchronous Communication Is Also in The Online Mode

but to a lesser extent and generally, the sessions for later consultation. To achieve all of the above, educational institutions must have a platform or learning environment.

However, like all technological changes and transformation efforts. The greatest challenges generally involve a cultural change that results in some structural and attitudinal modifications. Components of cultural change in learning require this modality, it is the student who completely manages his time and has. To necessarily create a study habit to be successful.

That Reality Will Favor Certain Types of Students Over Those

who are trying to orient themselves on their schedule? Analytics is more all the shift towards digital, it has become much easier for online education systems to offer metrics to institutions on the performance of students and teachers to take necessary actions to ensure greater achievement. Although distance education was already a reality, the Internet opened new paths for this modality of study, making it even more accessible. and falls. With this you can analyze the actions you took in the past, replicate those that had good results and avoid those that did not.

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