However, are in the best possible way? There are many techniques out there by students and professionals around the world to ensure that the result is always that of good summaries. How about learning some of them? We select seven steps for a perfect summary and explain how to speed up your production. Senegal WhatsApp Number List Ready? If you are preparing for a presentation at the university, studying for a test, or listing what to mention for a client in a meeting, having a perfect understanding of what you are talking about is a fundamental step. Therefore, the first thing for a good summary is the study.

But when Doing a Summary for Other People, You Should Be

careful to introduce basic principles and make them accessible.2. Determine what needs before starting a summary, it is necessary to define what will be in it. If you are preparing a summary to study for a test, the teacher’s guidance will be enough to structure it. However, if this is a professional summary or created to share with a team, you need to establish these topics yourself. Think about the principles of a complete newspaper text. Abstracts must inform, therefore they share some characteristics with this textual genre. When, where, why, and how are questions that should be answered and easily found in your summary.

That Is Why You Must Understand What Will Be the Use

of your summary and in what context it will be consulted. The summary we create for a specialist to be oriented during a conference is very different from the one we create for a student to be introduced to a topic. The language we use also varies according to the final destination of an abstract. Always keep this in mind.4. Making a list of contents is normal for summaries to follow a similar structure, that is, to address the topics necessary for the understanding of a topic according to certain rules. An introduction, for example, is essential so that a summary can guide the reader.


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