and thus be able to make decisions for each one. In short: distinguish which are important from those that are not. At Cyberclick we do this exercise every quarter and at the beginning of the year (in September) to Hong Kong Phone Number List review in our work team and individually, what tasks we consider to continue doing, which ones to stop doing and those with which we must continue, in correlation with our company objectives annual and quarterly.

The Decisions that Will During This Exercise Are:

Stop those activities that are not necessary to continue, according to the criteria that you consider important for your plan. Keep the tasks to continue or maintain, since they are by the company’s objectives. If you are one of those who are wondering how to implement this process in your company, here we go! How you can do Start, Stop & Keep in your company whether you are thinking of renewing your business objectives for next year, or if you want to review your semi-annual or quarterly strategy, this exercise is ideal.

Why? It Is Because Due to Its Speed and Teamwork, It Has a High

component of efficiency. In a single session, you will discover the aspects in which it is no longer necessary. Invest time or resources and in which. It is necessary to do so. To make this possible, there are a series of guidelines that you must follow: The necessary materials you will need a large blackboard (preferably white) to use with markers and the famous post-its of various colors. Also, you have a large space to gather your entire team.  you are going to divide the board into three columns: Start – Stop – Keep.

That is why being clear about your business objectives is essential for this step. And if you still don’t have them completely, then this exercise will help you clarify them! You can also select a person from your team, who will be in charge of guiding the steps during the exercise.* Idea: if you are targeting your marketing goals, you can choose to review your content strategy. Brainstorming: the first step in this exercise is the famous one: brainstorming. Here everyone gets to work on the generation of tasks so that the central theme comes to life.



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