What is the market size of big data and artificial intelligence in cryptocurrency investment? As more and more people begin to recognize the need for sentiment analysis, the market size will grow exponentially. However, what excites HQ is being at the forefront of market innovation and disruption. 6) Please tell us about your partnership with IBM Watson and how it works? It’s been amazing to work with IBM. Their support and consultation have been invaluable to our development process.

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We’ve been able to take full advantage of Watson’s capabilities. For investors, what are the benefits of participating in an ICO? An advantage is that we have a real Guatemala Phone Number product, not just an idea. The Watermelon Block application is currently in beta testing and will be ready for release in Q4. We have a lot more in our development pipeline that we are very much looking forward to and hopefully solidify our position as an industry leader.

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Watermelon Block’s unique proprietary algorithms and partnership with IBM are also definitely worth checking out. 8) Can you share with us your token economy and how to invest? There will be 400 000 000 Tokens (WMB) in circulation, 60% of which will be sold during our ICO (240 000 000). 1 WMB is worth $0.116. will also add a Proof of Burn protocol where we will burn tokens up to 50% of the total supply. When our users pay a fee in our native token to activate our service, 50% of all fees will be sent to their wallet address where they will be burned. Interested parties can pre-register for our ICO on our website and will contact us when the public sale begins.

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