Born as a software with a strong vocation for telemarketing campaigns . Easy-call today represents a solution that simultaneously supports the outbound.  Activities of companies ensuring multichannel management. Of the customer both in the sales and assistance Albania Phone Number phases. Mattel Villa general manager of Cloudless the company that developed the system explains its peculiarities.

Smart: “One-stop-shop

Easy Call makes use of international partners for its VoIP and enables it to instantly scale . Up or down the “contemporaneity” that the company needs. Indeed Albania Phone Number when we observe a request on our servers that is higher or lower than the contemporaneity activated by the customer we report it to him.

Albania Phone Number List

For System Integrates

Increasing efficiency in customer management is a need for all companies regardless of size.  With Easy-call they can have the same kind of functionality that a large call center has. But tailored to a smaller number of operators. It is obvious that we also support the big names as some of our customers in the insurance and energy.  World demonstrate  but this does not exclude all the others from our solution ». Above all to these realities Cloudless in addition to Albania Phone Number s software offers advice. on how to set up the work to increase sales and optimize assistance.. In fact, SMEs often understand that an Excel spreadsheet or, worse still, pen and paper cannot guarantee excellent performance, but they don’t know where to start.

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