One more thing, it increases storage and screen size. It’s the best-performing gaming laptop. 8. Samsung Score: (75/100) For the past few years, Samsung has been one of the best laptops and an active participant in the best laptop race. Not many laptops offer the new tech features with modern displays. The number of devices from this Singapore Phone Number brand is quite large. Windows 10 Home CPU maker Intel Display size 13.3 inches Memory size 8 GB A touchscreen laptop with sleek design and portability.

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If you’re looking for the right office and home laptop here, this one is for you. 9. Aliens Score: (74/100) Alienware was considered one of the best laptops from a few Singapore Phone Number years ago. Alienware m15 R3 Core i7-10750H, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super 15.6-inch Full Singapore Phone Number HD 300Hz display, 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Operating SystemWindows 10 CPU maker Intel Display size 15.6 inches Memory size 16 GB A widescreen gaming laptop built for gaming enthusiasts. The display is wide and comfortable.

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Storage is good and memory size is solid. You can use it if you want a fast and wide display gaming setup. 10. Apple Score: (73/100) In the 2019 Best and Worst Laptops report, Apple was named the third worst brand. Now it is the second worst brand in 2020. It is a luxury Singapore Phone Number brand. Apple laptops may be suitable for people who have all their Apple devices because it becomes convenient to handle them all at once. Apple MacBook Pro Based on 8GB RAM and Core i5 processor. 256GB SSD storage is a package.

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