When I think about the brands that I have worked with or consulted within recent years, most of them in the area of ​​B2B technology, the top priority has always been Brazil WhatsApp Number List to activate short-term sales. We B2B marketers often call it lead generation. Businesses have spent most of their budget on short-term, bottom-of-the-funnel (and related content) campaigns, hoping to increase sales in the coming quarters. I had a similar priority when I managed the division marketing of a large energy company. The brand was not the focus. Short-term activation campaigns and sales programs were successful in most cases.

According to Field, the Effectiveness of Marketing Is Declining

“short term” is, in many ways, the mother of all problems in this area. What exactly happened? The short-term and long-term effects on marketing I mentioned, marketers are increasingly focusing on the short term. They spend money to activate immediate sales, instead of building a long-term brand. They go for bottom-of-the-funnel tactics because they will pay better, in a year, in most cases. But one of the most important parts of the research, Field shows that, in the long term, that immediate vision will rapidly deteriorate the overall impact of marketing. Too much time spent picking the lowest fruits means less time to water the tree.

It Seems Paradoxical, but What Is Happening in The Digital

world means that we have to build that brand even more ”, says .” Companies that sell or reach audiences online need a higher percentage of their spending to go to the brand building since they already have direct channels for conversion, ” he adds. “Digital realization is leading to greater distribution efficiency, so there is a need to put more emphasis on branding. Field and advise a combined brand awareness and sales enablement strategy for maximum marketing effectiveness. They advise a 60/40 split for ideal impact in many different categories. That means you should invest at least 60% of your budget in long-term brand awareness and 40% in more immediate sales activation. And there may be a variation in that value for each sector. For example, in the financial sector, brand building is more important.

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