Do you want to position your website among the first places in Google? Then you need to show the search engine that you are a reference for other websites. And that’s what off-page SEO is for, an offshoot of SEO!Do not Algeria WhatsApp Number List think that striving for SEO on-page is enough.

The SEO off-page came to your strategies also focus on the outside. And that is where you can look for links and mentions for your pages and show how they are relevant to the market, something decisive for the Google algorithm. Then you will understand: What is SEO off-page?

For Google, It Is Not Valuable only To Find Your Content, Understand

what it is about and notice how your pages are structured. In addition to this, the search engine also wants to know how the website relates to what is on the Internet. If your website receives links and mentions from other pages, and if these are relevant and reliable, you will have more points with Google. At the end of the day, people only share and reference what has the quality and offers some value for them. Take, for example, a page with decorating tips on an architect firm website. If several blogs on decoration, architecture, and design cite that page, or better yet if it receives links from major magazines in the sector,

Therefore, an Off Page Seo Strategy Should Not only Focus on The Generation

of backlinks. A simple mention can also be valuable! You will soon understand why! What is the importance of off-page SEO?SEO off-page must enter into the optimization strategies to conquer the first places on the results page. For the search engine, the links and mentions that a website receives show what other sites think about it. That is a strong indication of its relevance to the market, which is decisive for ranking in Google’s ranking.

In the graph that you will see below, the result of an analysis of websites from different niches is shown and you can see that referral traffic is responsible for 3.64% of visits. traffic sources source: Growth BadgerThe percentage is not that high when

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