A person’s thinking depends Paraguay Phone Number on his cognition. Everyone’s background information is different, and Paraguay Phone Number cognition will be very different. What is in a person’s cognition, thinking is limited to these cognitions.

So in the existing cognition, is there really no way to improve the thinking? No, breaking the old way of thinking is a shortcut to new thinking. For product managers, most people in a company may never think about a question from joining to leaving: what do I want to do in this company.

What I need to do, what I can do. And what I want to do are the three steps for a person. To position himself in a company.

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Unlike other positions, it is extremely important for product managers to clearly understand these three ladders of self-positioning. Different ladders directly affect the issues that product managers think about, which in turn affects their personal growth and actions.

Other positions can work hard and step by step, but product managers can’t. From the perspective of the company’s utilization of talents, if product managers can understand these three ladders, it will also bring greater value to the company. Because the product manager is the leader of the product, the virtual leader of the team, and an important participant and implementer of the company’s strategy. Most importantly, product managers are the source and driver of things.

We go to a company to apply for a job, often because of the needs of the company. Enterprises will list what kind of talents and requirements they need according to the current business development and human resource status. We can successfully join a company because the capabilities we have shown are consistent with the requirements of the company and the most cost-effective, so the company chose us and filtered out others. Therefore, when we join the company, our primary task is to meet the needs of the company for recruitment positions, that is, what do I need to do, and strive to do a good job in the basic needs of the company.

What do you need me to do? The most obvious manifestation of this ladder is: the daily work content is to complete the tasks assigned by the leader.

We belong to a company, and we all come from joining the company. The tasks assigned by the leaders for a period of time after joining are the focus of our work. This period of time can be long or short, and it varies from person to person. During this time period, we familiarize ourselves with the environment, get the job done, and prove ourselves. After proving that you are completely competent? Most people don’t have it, they will keep repeating this, and then wait for the superior leaders to see their excellent promotion and reuse themselves.

This may not be a problem for other positions. Most of the promotions in other positions are done step by step. But for a product manager, it’s scary to stop here. This scary point is that product managers can’t be limited to completing various tasks assigned by leaders. No matter how well they are done, you are implementing other people’s ideas and positioning yourself as a function manager, not a product manager.

Many product managers complain that their daily work is to draw product prototypes according to the leader’s requirements.

In fact, in a company, product managers are self-positioning. Only the product manager position has this privilege.

As a product manager, you can position yourself as a product manager who only prototypes products according to leadership ideas, or you can position yourself as a virtual CEO. Product managers produce ideas and ideas. No one will ask you how you position yourself and what angle you stand in to put forward these ideas. It is useless to ask. These are all inner activities and cannot be confirmed.

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