However, these intentions are not always obvious, as each person uses different keywords to try to find an answer. That is why one of the great efforts of search Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List engines is to understand human language to interpret people’s search intent. With this knowledge, robots can search the index for content that best meets users’ needs. And that’s where the subjective part of your SEO and Content Marketing strategy comes in.

But It Is This Understanding of What Is Behind the Search Terms That

allows us to plan the production of content that meets the needs of our buyer personas.This understanding is necessary not only in terms of Google but also YouTube, social networks, and other Digital Marketing channels that have a search engine. In all of them, what the navigator writes in the search bar is not just a keyword, but the intention to find answers to their questions and needs.The searchers serve to answer questions either on the prices of a product, or the best restaurant nearby. So each search represents the goal of finding some answer.

The Search Is Directed to The Conversion, After the User Already Has Enough

information to solve his need. How does search intent influence SEO? In the examples above, you can see that Google returns results in different ways for each search. That’s because the search engine strives to understand users’ search intent – not just the keywords they type – and to provide responses with the content and formatting that is most relevant to them. That effort by Google is evident in its algorithm updates.

BERT was the latest update in that regard and represented a significant evolution of the algorithm in natural language processing, to understand how humans express themselves. From now on, understand the meaning of words, the relationships between them, and the nuances of human language. With this update, it becomes clear that what matters to the search engine is not exactly the keywords that users type, but the meaning they build together. This sense, then, is the one that evidences the search intent of the users. It is advisable to consider Google’s change in your SEO strategies. After all, professionals in the field have gotten used to

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