It can also be helpful to keep track of everything Czech Republic Phone Number that’s happening on your websites, like file changes and logged-in users. There are several plugins and tools for that, like WP Security Audit Log.  Keeping track of these things makes sure Czech Republic Phone Number that you can find irregularities in your installation and act on these or find what happened when in case of a security issue. 6. Cater to your mobile visitors Take one look around, and you’ll notice that our mobile devices are becoming the de facto way of browsing the  web, even when we’re at home, lying on our couch. But we don’t visit mobile websites — we visit websites. See your mobile and desktop site as one entity. You, as a website owner, V

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Mobile market share surpassed the desktop Czech Republic Phone Number market share. If you are only optimizing for desktop visitors, you are not optimizing Czech Republic Phone Numbers for most of your visitors. Of course, it depends on your specific niche since those numbers could be different. Google Analytics can give you the  exact numbers for your site. With a market share like this, there is no way you can consider your mobile website an ‘extra’. It’s Czech Republic Phone Numbers time for mobile SEO. 6.1. Make sure your theme is mobile-friendly After making sure that your site is fast, make sure your website, or rather your theme, is mobile-friendly.

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Mobile-friendly starts with ensuring the links are not Czech Republic Phone Numbers too close together, and buttons are easily clickable. Your font should be consistent and shouldn’t be too small, and your images are not too big, both in file size and dimensions. We’d like to highlight two specific mobile theme optimizations below. 6.1.1. Use a responsive design In 2022, Czech Republic Phone Number having a responsive design is a no-brainer. Responsive design means that the  design of your website adapts to the screen size your visitor is using. You can do this by using specific CSS media queries. You have to address particular ranges of screen widths and plan for those.

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