what they used to be. Today, discounts and promotions occur throughout the year, especially in the eCommerce sector. Therefore, the sales no longer seem so special to us and it is more difficult to encourage customers to buy on these dates. One distinction Mexico Phone Number List that we must be clear about is that although items can be obtained at a reduced price throughout the year, conceptually they are not the same as sales.

We Can Distinguish Between the Following Types of Discounts

The reductions are to put items on sale at a lower price which had previously, usually the end of the season. In our country, several regulations regulate the period of sales and their conditions. And finally, liquidations consist of the sale of items at a discounted price to get rid of inventory in a particular circumstance, such as retirement or a transfer.

To Propose a Specific Sales or Discount Strategy that Makes Sense

for our brand, we must link them to the rest of our marketing plan and ask ourselves what we want to achieve with them. Here are some possible examples of goals: Capture new customers. The sales season is a good time to increase our customer base, as we can attract new users by offering them attractive discounts. Of course, if you want them to stay with you for the long term, you will have to show them that you offer value that goes beyond low prices.

Sell ​​more in the short term. Sales can help us boost our sales figures by attracting users who may not be able to afford products at their usual price. Make our regular customers repeat. When organizing our digital marketing campaign, we have to be very clear about what we are going to offer customers, that is, what is the added value that we offer in addition to the reduced prices. Competing solely on prices is not usually a good strategy (except for very specific cases), since it reduces margins and can even cause the brand to lose face.


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