Most WordPress themes are now responsive. Cyprus Phone Numbers Depending on the part of the world you are targeting, no, how fast their mobile internet is, you Cyprus Phone Numbers might want to change a couple of things. Think about how you use images on your site. Are you using any text enhancements or font variations that might hinder the excellent performance of the mobile website? Responsive design helps you build a more focused website. That brings us to the  second optimization. 6.1.2. Prioritize what’s important to mobile users Take a step back and look at your website: what do your users want to do here? Define the four to six main tasks your user performs on your website and focus on these.

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Most crucial task a big fat call-to-action Cyprus Phone Number button. Here’s an example: If you have a local business, the two main tasks might be calling you or finding the directions to your business. That means you could add these as a unique mobile menu, Cyprus Phone Numbers for instance, some visible all the time. Focus on your visitor’s main tasks and make their life as easy as possible. How to find these top tasks? Ask your visitors! Also, check Google Analytics for the most visited pages on your mobile website. More about Analytics further down this article. 6.2. Consider using AMP Using WordPress, you could serve Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Maybe Even Give the Cyprus Phone Number

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Google and some major publishers. Cyprus Phone Numbers It allows for fast mobile pages and does so by stripping some of the design.  If you are looking to kick-start the AMP version of your WordPress website, be sure to check the official AMP plugin. This will add an AMP version of your website after installing the plugin. 7. Analyze and improve your performance.  Cyprus Phone Numbers A good SEO campaign relies not only on implementing changes but also on measuring the impact of those changes, seeing what works, and doing more of that. Google has developed two unique tools to analyze your website’s results and identify new opportunities that you could focus on in the future. The first one for analyzing results is Google Analytics.

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