Looking back on this year’s demand, we will Slovenia Phone Number focus on purpose + verification. For the purpose, we “deliberately” allow ourselves to Slovenia Phone Number dig into the core of the product, and try our best to return to the core itself in the follow-up series of requirements; for verification, we “deliberately” allow ourselves to follow the most cost-effective verification method. Deliberate practice of these two items can make you more proficient in mining the underlying logic and testing of product thinking.

1. Why to find the product kernel

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Let me talk about a scene that I have personally experienced. Not long ago, the business hoped to produce an APP for the front-end customer acquisition of the education industry. Later, the business felt that after the parents bought the lessons, they would definitely teach their children, so it would be more convenient to use the APP, so they wanted to use the APP to teach. Therefore, from the perspective of business, it is necessary to make an APP, which not only wants to meet the needs of customer acquisition marketing, but also wants to meet the needs of children in class. Then the question is: Is the product they need really a class?

A simple deduction:

  • The target users of front-end customer acquisition are parents. What do parents need to see and understand in order to be attracted to us?
  • The target users of the class are children, what do children need? It must be convenient operation, cartoon and lively content, colorful interface…

Therefore, the project did not look very different in the end, and after the review, it was found that the most basic problem was that the product core was not identified.

Why do you want to find the core of the product? There are two points to think about:

  • The product kernel should be first, and then the MVP scheme design should be done . MVP can have many rounds, such as which wood floor to use for house decoration, etc. It is just a tool for business judgment.
  • Key assumptions*: See “

2. What is the product kernel

The product kernel is the smallest set with the highest value in the entire product feature. It is the only, unique and core value.

This is also a definition I learned recently, but to break down the key words for this sentence, it can be:

1. User

Value must have a main role object, so it must be based on “users” to talk about value.

The value can be multi-faceted. For example, the product can solve the problems encountered by the specific target users in the specific scenarios. For example, for the specific target users, the product can provide them with core service features, not necessarily the users. problems encountered. Therefore, we must talk about the product kernel based on the user .

2. Highest value

The highest value, that is, the core, unique and unique thing of the product, is the thing that users are willing to choose this product and are willing to change their habits to use.

According to Yu Jun’s user experience formula, user value = (new experience – old experience) – replacement cost, it can be seen that the core of this “highest value” product must be a comprehensive experience , rather than a certain aspect that is better than the opponent. Just be willing to let go of the current one and choose to get used to your product again.

So this step is actually the hardest, because there will be many features that are mistaken for the most valuable features to interfere with you. This is also the step we need to keep MVP testing, trial and error, and exploration.

3. Minimal set

“Minimum” is important because it avoids delaying our direction in the endless exploration of “black holes” . For example, for a product, in order to achieve its purpose, function A, function B, function C… Not only is it a waste of costs, but it also fails to figure out where the real attraction for users is.

The smallest product kernel does not have to be only 1, it can be a set. To enter this set, there must be those features that “one less, the product is not established, and the user does not buy it anymore”, and those features that have little impact on th

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