As hard as it may be to admit, human beings will never be entirely rational. Although they show us objective data, in the end, what convinces us the most are the personal stories of our environment, or at least of people who look like us. Who has not ever heard that “it works for me”? Scores of companies Armenia Phone Number List have turned to storytelling in their campaigns, often with spectacular results. How to use the stories in your marketing campaigns?

How to Humanize Your Brand in Your Marketing Campaign?

If you think that an anthropomorphic pet is not the right solution for your marketing campaign, don’t worry, you have many options. If you are going to use them, it is essential that you research their profile well and make sure that it fits. To do this, the first thing you have to be clear about is what kind of values ​​and people your brand represents. It may be useful to design an ideal ” buyer persona ” or client that can serve as a guide for you and your team.3) Take advantage of the fear of lossOne psychology trick that all marketers should know is that fear of loss is a much more powerful force than the urge to get something.

The Fear of Loss Can Also Be Channeled Through Language, for example,

talking about the negative consequences of not taking advantage of an offer or limiting it in time or units.4) use prices wiselyThe neuromarketing and psychology for years have studied the reaction of people at different prices on products. And what they have discovered is that, of course, we are not rational here either. How to use prices to improve your marketing campaigns? We have (to some extent) control over the prices of products and how they to the consumer. And this power is gold. Here are some psychological tricks to get customers to buy more and more expensive: The prices are almost round, that is, the usual “9.99 euros”. Yes, it’s a very old trick … but it still works.

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