The background should be free of clutter or anything that Armenia Phone Number would hurt the eyes. Generally, blue and black backgrounds are better for video calls. Clear all the clutter around and place a plain chart or canvas in blue or black. Even if you’re on a video call in the bedroom, a solid color background will look more professional. If you can’t find a suitable place in your home, you Armenia Phone Number can simply use the Zoom app’s background changing feature. After analyzing your face and environment, use artificial intelligence to change the background image.

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But make sure that if you are using this feature, you need to have proper lighting so that others can see you. Lighting is an important factor Whether you’re on a formal or informal video call, lighting plays an important role. If you want to show yourself clearly to others, make sure to Armenia Phone Number avoid any light. It reduces video quality and may look blurry, dark and cluttered. If you can, make sure to use extra lights, such as desk lamps, for a clear video picture.

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Most webcams now have integrated LED lights for clear and vivid pictures when making video calls. Place the light behind the camera, which should be pointed at your face, so the camera can capture you better. Use a high-quality webcam We’ve previously mentioned using a better webcam Armenia Phone Number for crisp, vivid, and crisp video calls. Most laptops come with built-in webcams, which may not be enough for a clear picture. If this is the case, you can definitely invest in a new one. Some of the best webcam manufacturers include A4tech and Logitech.

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