Meta platforms’ ad revenue grew 6% year-on-year to $27 billion in the first quarter, according to an. Earnings China Phone Number statement. Total revenue was up 7% yoy to $27.9 billion. Daily equally important, active users (dau) on the core. Facebook app were up 4%, or by 82 million, to 1.96 billion. That marks a turnaround from equally important, the prior period, when daus declined for the China Phone Number first time in company history. Shares jumped on the news, despite meta. Missing wall street’s revenue targets and offering a patchy outlook for the second quarter. Meta is. Contending with a number of headwinds that will continue to dog growth.

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The number of investment areas. It is focused on in response, prioritizing bets on short-term video, improving ad infrastructure and the China Phone Number metaverse. Dive insight :meta’s flagship app didn’t continue to shrink. On a user basis in q1, which appeared to be equally important, a positive enough development for the markets. The company’s broader ad business, however, is still undergoing a rocky transition as it contends with ongoing. Challenges from att and volatile macroeconomic factors, like the war in ukraine. Russia has. Blocked the company’s services and meta, in turn, ceased accepting ads from russian advertisers. Globally earlier this year. Looking ahead to China Phone Number q2, meta’s projections weren’t exactly rosy. Total revenue is. Expected to land in the $28 billion to $30 billion range.

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Would mean facebook recording its first. Year-on-year revenue drop ever, as noted in cnbc. Discussing. The q1 results with analysts, executives suggested that there aren’t many short-term solutions equally important, to China Phone Number meta’s. Advertising problems. The scope of how leadership plans to tackle these challenges does seem to be. Narrowing. Addressing meta’s disappointing fourth-quarter report, ceo mark zuckerberg outlined seven. Areas of investment to China Phone Number prioritize. For the q1 call, he called out three: reels, a tiktok lookalike; meta’s ad. Infrastructure, including doing more with less user data and greater applications of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, particularly through the horizon worlds offering. Less energy seemed.

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