Product GTM is a process, not an Anhui Cell Phone Number event or a task. In different companies, at different stages of the company, and in different teams, PMMs do different things. As long as the purpose is to create excellent marketing effects. Even if they participate in different links at different times, they will do different things. Which is essentially a GTM process. With an efficient process, you can lead yourself to work better.

1. Understand the process

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As a PMM, your process is to gather the required information, research users, design a GTM scheme, ensure that the scheme is implemented correctly Anhui Cell Phone Number and evaluate its effectiveness. However, it should also be clear that your company has a large process to complete the entire profit, and there are small processes in different sectors that are coupl to operate.

For large manufacturers, this process can be extremely complicat, involving not only PMM, but also commercialization, product development, project managers, and other marketers. When you start a new project or a new job, understand the company’s positioning for you, so as to adapt to the operation mode of the company’s “big machine”.

“If a person doesn’t know which port he’s sailing to, all winds are bad.”

In addition to understanding the “big process”, you also need to understand the company’s strategy. Strategy is how the company intends to achieve its goals. It is your offensive plan. This plan includes how to allocate resources, when, on what track, and to whom to sell what. Tactics are the specific actions to be taken each day in order to execute this longer-term strategy.

2. Optimize the process


If there is no process, there will be no optimization. Whether it is the process of specific job work, the process of cross-team If your company’s processes force you to deliver poor planning or content, challenge it and, if you can, make improvements. In short, it is to continuously remove the sludge in order to transmit the value of the product.

3. C-side of GTM: commercial packaging

1. Best practices are the main content of corporate marketing communications

Although we are in the field of technology, it needs to be clear that the marketing communication we do should revolve around the “best practices” of the “overall product”, not just focus on the level of technological innovation.. “Best Practice” is the best solution to this problem.

Only emphasizing technical breakthroughs can only win the favor of some people. In the face of the complex domestic business environment, how does PMM break through the complexity of products to deliver core values? In my opinion, building a product marketing ammunition through the “five-layer packaging method” with “best practices” at its core is a good solution.

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