A Video thumbnail is where you get a picture to click on in UK Phone Number order to play the video email. A really well produced image looks like a play button. When you click on the image it opens up a browser and plays the email seamlessly. When using a video UK Phone Number thumbnail like this. The research suggests a 5-10 times better response than a standard text link! This is huge.

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The video plays within the email. VIDEO TEXT LINK We are all familiar with text links pointing to videos. These are common in emails now. The challenge is that the UK Phone Number a meaningless symbols and not very sexy! The author puts a catchy headline in there to entice you to click. Now you get about double click through rates when you direct your emails to a video, so it is pretty good compared to sending them to a text blog entry for instance.

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Compared to an email with a simple text link to a blog UK Phone Number post, you are likely to see a 10-20 times greater open rate. There is an email company or two around now that will send an email with a video in it. While this seems great, imagine receiving 20 emails and UK Phone Number every time you click on one a video starts paying! I think this is intrusive, and many are likely to get angry at invasion of their personal space.It is not intrusive, as you only see the video if you click on the link. We believe this is the best way to use video email right now, and the research backs us up.