As for ecommerce shopping habits, these are the great findings of the study:On average, users buy online 3.5 times a month (in 2019 there were 3) and spend 68 euros on each purchase, 4 euros more than in 2019.The main factors that influence online shopping are convenience, site offerings, and price.59% of ecommerce users wait for special moments , such as Black Friday or sales, to make their purchases.

Confidence is an attribute that continues to gain weight when deciding to buy online, as it is important for 73% of users. This trust is based mainly UAE Phone Number List on previous experiences with the site and on secure payment methods.Regarding devices, the mobile phone (used by 55% of users) is gaining weight compared to the computer (83%). Users who do not use the mobile have a more senior profile and their main reason is the lack of comfort and the size of the screen.3 out of 4 respondents consider that the web is adapted or quite adapted for mobile phones.

Purchases are made on this device both through the web and through apps.In the background, there are also purchases from tablets (18%) and from smart televisions and connected consoles (8%).Regarding the types of pages where online purchases are made, the brands that only sell through ecommerce win (88% of those surveyed). They are followed by brands that sell both on the internet and in physical stores (78%), the websites of offers and discount coupons (39%) and the aggregators or comparators of offers or products (23%).

How is the purchase process in commerce?3 out of 4 online buyers look for and formalize the purchase through this channel. 19% look for information online and make the purchase in a physical store, and 7% go to see the product in person and end up making the purchase online. On average, these platforms account for almost 7 out of 10 products purchased online. The brand’s website is the most influential factor when buying, since 73% of ecommerce users mention it. In second place would be the recommendations of friends, acquaintances and family (49%), and in third place, blogs and opinion forums (38%).The experience with virtual assistants has grown significantly since 2019. The previous year only 2 out of 10 users had come into contact with a virtual assistant, while in 2020 they did so 5 out of 10. The assessment of these assistants is situated around 6.Shipping times are important to consumers, as 37% of them would be willing to pay more in exchange for the package arriving earlier.When it comes to payment methods, PayPal remains the preferred system for online shoppers (56%) followed by credit cards (36%). However, in 2020 the popularity of PayPal has declined and that of cards has increased.

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