As a reference, in 2017 this expense was 11,400 million dollars. So we are talking about an annual growth of 14%. Source Forrester, Marketing Automation Technology Forecast. 2017-23 (Forecasts on Marketing Automation New Zealand Phone Number List Technologies, 2017-23) 3) For 64% of marketers. Ease of implementation is the most important thing when choosing. A marketing automation system Next in importance are technical assistance (mentioned by 42% of respondents) and cross-platform integration (important for 41%). Other relevant factors were industry analyst scores, analytical capabilities, and price / licensing.


But the Truth Is that The Functionalities of This Technology

further. When asked what kind of technology they use to manage their content marketing initiatives, 54% of B2B marketers mention marketing automation.

This technology ranks fourth in importance after publishing and social media analytics (84%), email marketing software (81%),

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One Way to Test Your Seo Tools Before Subscribing and Not Lose

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