As well as, As a product-driven platform, the current Luxembourg Phone Number product department does not have a thorough understanding of the core competitiveness of products, which is mainly reflected in the lack of previous product design iterations, as well as, the slow progress of product design in progress, and the lack of sufficient demonstration of planned product design . It is the understanding, execution and realization of the functional process, which lacks leadership.

The platform lacks a risk control management system.

As well as, The technical management is not meticulous enough, and the output capabilities of the core engineers

The design and R&D level and experience of each engineer vary. There is no clear evaluation and assessment standard for technical output results within the team and at the company level. The output . There are no requirements and standards for abnormal conditions , risk control management and performance, and no quality control standards.

There is still room for improvement in teamwork.

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When I was still immers in self-blame, the president organiz a special meeting, which made me deeply feel the leader’s problem-solving thinking and ability to discern the essential needs. The leader first explained the audit work:

The platform has a complete risk control management system. For example, in product design, there are blockchain technology, electronic signatures, OCR identification, big data risk control systems, a separate risk control department, and emergency plans and management to deal with risks. System, in terms of process and system management, benchmarks the risk control management requirements of first-class platforms.

as well as, The technical committee found that the technical department did not have a clear risk response management in terms of technical management, which should belong to the insufficient response of our technical department. We humbly accepted it and actively improved it. From this, we came to the conclusion that the entire platform lacks risk control management, which should be a misunderstanding. .

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