Over the years thanks to her in-depth knowledge Poland Phone Number of leadership strategy interactive media.  Charlene Li has embraced a truly unique vision of today’s ever-changing business world. She talked about this in her five books including The New York Times bestseller “Open Poland Phone Number Leadership,” the acclaimed “Groundswell,” and the latest 2019 publication “The Disruption Mindset.”

And Business Transformation

But according to Charlene Li it does not Poland Phone Number end there because the ability of a true leader is to fully reap the benefits that arise. In times of turbulence: « Our lives have been turned upside down and will not return to” normal “for a long time. During turbulent times needs Poland Phone Number don’t run out – they change . If you don’t understand and take advantage of these moments your competitors old and new. Will gain a competitive advantage over you.

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A Lesson With Charlene

Disruption creates opportunities but Poland Phone Number only for those who look up and bravely face it rather than sneak down and wait for chaos to pass. ” This is why if we look at the skills that the market needs to overcome crises and relaunch the economy. It is now important to be able to look beyond today’s challenges and invest. In an uncertain future. “It is quite difficult Poland Phone Number during normal times to focus on the future.  Li reiterates  it seems almost impossible when we can barely predict what will happen next week. But this is exactly what the most competitive organizations and their leaders will do ”.


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