Italy is the second country of the Group which following the latest recent acquisition. Has over 750 employees and recorded a turnover of 437 million euros in 2017.Which grew by 129% in 5 years and is destined to increase further thanks to some innovations Bolivia Phone Numbers implemented by Econocom. Among these 2018 opened with the inauguration of the Econocom Village. New headquarters that translates digital transformation and new ways of working based on smart collaboration and open innovation into reality, where technology supports Bolivia Phone Numbers organizational and strategic change.

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Economize Italia has also recently completed the acquisition of PDF. Italian company operating for over 30 years in the managed services sector.To the many synergies and sharing of skills. It will lead us even more quickly to achieving the ambitious growth objectives we Bolivia Phone Numbers for ourselves. In Italy we have recently launched an absolutely unique hybrid cloud platform. Which, due to its particular logical architecture and extensive and reliable network, is unparalleled on the Italian market.

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How many new employees are you planning to hire? With which profile? In order to favor the change and growth of EconocomItaly, we have hired a new Chief People Officer with the aim of bringing Econocom to realize the transformation thanks to the integration of new talents in all divisions of the companies, with a specific focus on sales., which the company represents and explains in its ON statement, the communication and employer branding philosophy of Economize Italia: conversation, ambition, passion , vision, disruption.

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