The points pain or pain points are specific problems faced by potential customers of your brand and your products or services could solve.Customer pain points can be very diverse, so to find them, we must always start from a deep understanding of our buyer persona and the challenges they face in their day-to-day life. Sometimes, customers are not aware that they have a problem, so the marketing work is : on the one hand, make them discover the pain point and on Lebanon Email List the other, convince them that your product or service is the solution.To better understand customer pain points, we can classify them into four broad categories :Financial pain points : Your potential customers are spending too much money on their current vendor, solution, or products, and they want to cut back.

Productivity pain points : Your potential customers are wasting too much time with their current vendor, solution, or products and want to make more efficient use of their time.Process pain points : Your potential customers want to improve processes. This pain point is applied above all in B2B marketing, in which clients are companies that want to be more efficient in their day-to-day life.Customer Support Pain Points : Your potential customers aren’t getting the attention they need during the sales and post-sale process.Classifying pain points in these categories helps you decide how to position your product or service as a solution . For example, if your customers’ problems have to do with productivity, you can highlight how easy it is to use your product or service and how it will help them to be more efficient and save time.Of course, it must be borne in mind that problems are not usually easy to solve … if not, they would not be problems! In many cases, pain points are not easily categorized, since they combine difficulties from different categories that feed back into each other. Therefore, we have to do a thorough job to identify what pain points really consist of and how we can propose solutions.

How to spot your clients’ pain many of your potential customers are likely experiencing similar problems, the causes and ways of solving them may be different. So you need to spend time doing in-depth qualitative research .Keep in mind that pain points are often very subjective, so it will not be easy to detect them with closed surveys. Instead, we’ll have to spend time and resources listening to both customers and the sales reps who deal more closely with them. We are going to see some of the most used methods to obtain information about pain points.Focus groups and online groups focus are a qualitative research method used in advertising to the views of a group of people about a product or service that is to organize a debate between a group of customers . Typically, a focus group has between 5 and 10 people and is led by a moderator.

The function of focus groups is to capture and analyze the opinions of current and potential customers of the company, and can be guided to identify difficulties or pain points related to the brand. The moderator poses a series of questions to the group and leads the discussion. Usually between 10 and 15 questions are asked and the dynamic lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.This technique allows us to obtain a large amount of qualitative information , especially if we organize several focus groups around the same topic to have a broader customer base. But the truth is that the costs are not within the reach of all brands.A more affordable alternative can be online surveys with open questions , which allow users to develop their responses. We can offer a discount or special promotion to encourage participation.

Blog in your sector can be a good starting point to take the pulse of your buyer persona. Pay particular attention to the most shared articles, as this indicates that they have managed to attract the attention of the audience. What kinds of problems do they pose and what solutions do they propose?It is also very interesting to analyze the comments . Take a look at the most popular posts and analyze comments that express concerns, doubts or problems. What trends can you identify?Keyword  of the first things we usually do when we have a problem is … Google it. Therefore, if we analyze the most frequent searches of users around our sector , surely we can identify the pain points that concern them the most.To get started, use a tool like  or Google’s keyword planner and enter a few terms related to your product or service. Pay special attention to keywords that ask how to do a task or solve a specific problem.

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