In a working stage with ample time, in fact, it is  summed Austria Phone Numbers up as learning. The reason is very simple, the difficulty is practice, after all. You may chat with friends, and the day will pass. In the first three years of my work, this situation often happened. Austria Phone Numbers However, due to my vision and ignorance, i didn’t know what to do, so i didn’t master many practical skills. In the first three years, and my thinking did not expand much. Being  able to use time systematically is the key in this context. Some feelings about emotional management and communication coordination emotion. Management and communication coordination are two issues that i realized very early on.

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In my third year of work, i brought a fresh Austria Phone Number intern girl. At that time, because the description of the bug document she submitted was not clear enough. The developers ignored it and did not ask her for further confirmation. Which led to the delay  of some time before the problem was solved. As a result, the girl ran to have a quarrel with. Austria Phone Number The developer, and finally the eldest developer directly chatted with me and said that the project was replaced. I couldn’t stand the girl, so i took over. This incident gave me a lot of insight. When i chatted. With the girl afterwards, i discussed right and wrong with her.

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About taking bug collection and solving  Austria Phone Numbers situations seriously. However, when she found that the problem was not solved normally, she used. The method of questioning instead of asking why the bug was not solved as required. Which aroused the dissatisfaction of the developers. And then complained that the other party had a  attitude and Austria Phone Number did not take the initiative to communicate. With herself, which was wrong. At that time, the girl felt that she was not wrong. After talking to me aggressively, i said sternly, did you solve the problem in the end? She didn’t speak. But she was still in a bad mood, and i pointed to the heart of the problem. Because the other party is not under your control. You feel that the other party.

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