These tokens provide a means of accessing film financing at a lower cost. A single cryptocurrency token, called Movie Coin. Will denominate goods and services for the entire Movie Coin ecosystem. From purchasing movie theater tickets and rental content, to accessing financing tools and redeeming third-party loyalty rewards. Movie Coin’s executive team brings extensive experience from across Israel Phone Number investment banking; portfolio management corporate law; film financing, production and distribution; technology deployment and public company management. We see several real-world use cases for block chain emerge.

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Profit participation, license ownership and intellectual property. tokens will also prevent third-party gatekeepers, including aggregators, royalty collection services, and Israel Phone Number agents, from holding funds owed to other parties longer than necessary. ? Who can buy Movie Coins? In order purchase restricted securities tokens representing movie and entertainment assets in the.

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What type of partners is looking for to build as a viable entertainment industry currency? We are seeking partnerships with a variety of key suppliers and professional service providers across the Israel Phone Number industry. MovieCoin is already in talks with a major theater chain and a transactional.

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