Remember when you were browsing certain Namibia Phone Number websites, there were rogue pop-ups? This pop-up window is an online dialogue system. Through this online dialogue, you can ask for clues from customers, which will be introduc separately later.

The frequency of sales for personal use is low. And most usage scenarios are to send marketing text messages in large quantities, and sensitive transactions trigger notification text messages. Contains SMS channel, SMS template, sensitive word management.

CRM customer domain

Namibia Phone Number

This customer domain is actually a product of the business iteration process.a business card. Slowly, companies have entered the user era from the traffic era, and users need to actively register to use products or services. This results in two sets: one set is for unregistered customers who only stay for consultation, and the other is for customers who stay in consultation. For users who are registered again, the two sets cannot be merged, and this customer domain is generat. The birth of the customer domain is also beneficial. It can carry out customer tagging, and then carry out in-depth personalized services, refined operations, and in-depth recommendations.

CRM sales domain

It is the core part of the solution. It undertakes most of the sales capabilities such as business card library, business opportunity library, circulation rules, business opportunity scheduling engine, and forms the ability to distribute leads. Sales workbench, quality inspection workbench, for sales and quality. Inspectors provide their own efficient workplace organization management, role management, data authorization management, and basic metadata management for system-level user rights

The first contact with CRM was a job handover. When I first came into contact, I was ignorant and did not know how important this system was. Because there was no R&D maintenance at that time, I only had a product, and I temporarily seconded a R&D, and the documents left by the product were also written simply. After two sentences, an unimportant idea came into being.

It was not until I started to slowly get in touch with the sales business that I knew the core business logic at the company level, which was very helpful to my growth. Suffering is not a problem, but the gain of cognition is important.

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