What is the transition from interruption to permission marketing ? What is the dividing line? Gaining. Visibility and attracting customers to itself is a difficult path for a brand. From the very beginning of setting .Up a marketing strategy, a brand needs to  Belarus Phone number Its content marketing . Certainly, vision and mission are not enough to differentiate yourself from. The competition. Above all, what kind of approach does the brand want to create with the public?. The friendly and confidential one or the hustler who wants to sell something at all costs? The definition of. Audience throughout history the  Belarus Phone number ollowed different logics, dictated by. The communication tools available, the interests of the public and the relationship with.

The Definition of the Public Itself

Over time, the Belarus Phone number connotation of public has contrasted with that of multitude and mass . The first, understood as a group of people united by the emotional contagion, compared to the second, characterized by. Heterogeneity and absence of organization. All these meanings of the public have changed over the years. The advent of modern mass media such as radio and then tv has led to a simpler catalysing of public attention . From the public, understood as an audience can be influenc and easy to manipulate.  as a matter of fact,We pass to the public as a group of people capable of directing the impact of the media according to Belarus Phone number katz and lazarsfeld.

The Arrival of Seth Godin and the Transition From Interruption

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This distinction is identifie in the marketing field in the use of different strategies: first interruption and. Then permission . In the beginning, according to the above, it is believeBelarus Phone number that it is easy to interrupt. A program with an advertisement. After all, the target audience is regarde as a passive user, easy to manipulate. Because they are willing to listen. Only in the 1990s, this approach was considere no longer valid. It was, in fact, seth godin who theorized and provided an alternative to interruption marketing . The term itself indicates. The intention to “Interrupt” . Something that is happening to capture attention on Belarus Phone number something else.

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