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In other words, Sara karlovac associate editor courtesy of pernod ricard dive brief: pernod ricard’s malibu, a coconut. Liquor Greece Phone Number made with rum, unveiled a brand refresh that kicks off with the global campaign “welcome to. Malibu,” according to a press release. The Greece Phone Number campaign features the tagline “do whatever taste good” and. Includes a 90-second spot directed by dave meyers titled “welcome to malibu.” a strong focus on social. Media will see the brand release gifs, stickers and behind-the-scenes content. Malibu joins a growing list. Of brands undergoing a brand refresh in 2022. The campaign, In other words, which was created with weeden.

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In other words,  Round consumption of the traditionally seasonal beverage and build off of growth malibu has Greece Phone Number seen in. Recent years. Dive insight: the campaign tells drinkers to do whatever they like when they like, including. Drinking a potentially out-of-season beverage. The brand has attempted similar messaging before, including in 2021 with the introduction of malibu cocktails in a can. Messaging around the cocktails also. Focused on all-season consumption in an attempt to extend brand popularity. The new 90-second spot, produced by radical media, centers around coco, a coconut horse. Over the course of the Greece Phone Number video, coco. Discovers a hyper-real, inclusive space where they can do whatever they want, when they want. “welcome to malibu” will be integrated across.

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The refresh comes on the heels of many others as brands look for a place in a post-pandemic world. Recent refreshes included pringles, coca-cola and baskin-robbins. Malibu has experienced growth in.In other words, Recent years. In 2019, the brand sold 3.9 million nine-liter cases. In 2020, that number spiked to 4.4 million. Cases. Continue the Greece Phone Number drink’s popularity year-round. “The exciting thing about this campaign is that it reframes the. Traditional summer malibu occasion from a time and place to Greece Phone Number a mindset you can find anytime, ” johan. Radojewski, vice president of marketing at malibu, said in a press release. “by inviting our consumers to. ‘do whatever tastes.

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