Welcome to the second monthly appointment of the marketing espresso blog, news recap. In which we will see the most interesti Albania Phone number h in a single article. Even if some of us. Have gone on vacation, the digital world doesn’t stop! In fact, july was a month full of news. In fact, last month. There have been questionable episodes, such as the influencer who announced he was giving birth on onlyfans. And goodies for fans, such as netflix’s entry into the world of video games. So if you want to make a nice. Recap of what happened last month, read on! Norway: law will require influencers to declare. If a posted Albania Phone number way has decided to wage war on social insecurity.

The Law Must Be Framed in an Amendment to

The marketing act, which regulates this type of case. The vote in the Albania Phone number norwegian parliament dates back to june 2, but the approval of the king is still lacking. Who will also decide when to promulgate the law. The goal of this initiative is to penalize not only those. Who dictate unrealistic beauty standards, but also those who make misleading advertising. In short, body positivity has reached the parliament of a northern european country, placing limitations on. The use of filters and modifications with photoshop. This is certainly controversial news. So we can’t wait to hear from you. Instagram tests paid exclusive stories no, banning norwegian influencers and celebrities from editing. Their photos Albania Phone number without having previously declared it.

It Is Not One of the Usual Chains Sent by

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Your aunt on whatsapp. Instagram, in fact, is working on. Its Albania Phone number witter super follow, introducing the exclusive stories . This is a feature that will allow. Creators to post exclusive content in their instagram stories – the stories, in essence, will only be available to. Followers who have paid for some form of membership or subscription. This thing was discovered by reverse. Engineer alessandro paluzzi, who analyzed the instagram code and came across this feature. Soon after, he posted on linkedin. That there is finally an opportunity for creators to natively monetize on. Instagram? We’ll see! Influencer will give birth live on onlyfans . Here  Albania Phone number st controversial news of july.

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