Risks are an integral part of doing business. In addition, Complete avoidance is not possible, therefore proper risk. Management is becoming an increasingly important issue on the corporate management agenda. Evija capture, kp baltic consulting services partner: understanding of risk management and Argentina Phone Number maturity of risk. Management in latvian companies nonrepresentational adjuster, professor at stockholm school. Of economics in riga strategic approach to risk management: best practices, key risks and trends. Presentation business experience stories: risk management model and business Argentina Phone Number continuity mislabels. Miraculous, mimi baltic human resources director presentation: ri-mi’s experience in covid-19 crisis. Management gunners rural, chief financial officer of lpks satraps panel discussion.

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In addition, Management panel discussion participated gratis , kp baltic’s, director of risk advisory evita. Goa , schweppes latvia, member of the Argentina Phone Number board, legal director implants jan-sons , vice president, legal, air baltic juries zhdanov , member of the board of swed-bank, head of risk management maris. In addition, Novocains , ever sheds sutherland bi tans, senior partner useful resourcefulness articles-maris. Millers: how can it solutions help business? Cyber security today: how to build a security culture. In your company changing habits would help address global challenges manageresses. In addition, Lido-it. Yourself house building: the story of the Argentina Phone Number nereid family build_homes_profitable do you see yourself. In addition, Behind the wheel of an electric car? Find out how to get better.

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For instance, Electric car and its charging? Contact usu regulations privacy policy useful sites. The covid-19. Pandemic has set the world on a new trajectory, In addition, changing the business environment around the world, including in latvia. In addition, A deeper understanding of current global trends can help entrepreneurs make. Strategic decisions. What global trends characterized the Argentina Phone Number world before covid-19, and how has it. Changed the pandemic? What is europe’s role in the race for power? What is the economic impact of. In addition, Climate change mitigation? How has the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation in latvia? We invite you to join the online presentation of the bank of latvia’s advisor and economist andres strands on global trends, In addition, which will be followed by a discussion.

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