In the second, all sensory elements. Results using eye-tracking and galvanic skin responses. And compared to three “control stores” from the same chain, in which no changes were made. In the sensory activation phase, store sales increased by 10% and shoppers spent almost 6 more minutes in the store. the words of Scott Moore, director of global marketing for mood media, “the results speak for themselves. A strategic approach to incorporating sensory elements in stores creates a measurable emotional Malaysia Phone Number List Response in consumers that achieves results for the benefits of the company.”.

Other Findings from This Study Include: Shoppers Bought More

Items (4% more) and more expensive (priced 6% higher) when sensory marketing elements. The use of scents is even more striking when used to highlight a specific department or area within the store. In the scented soccer zone, customer emotional levels were 28% higher. In addition, sales of this product category increased by 26% compared to control stores.

On Eye-Tracking Metrics, Perception of Digital Store Displays Increased

By 5% when moving images on the screen (compared to static images). Based on galvanic skin responses, the lack of sensory marketing elements in the store made many people feel insecure while shopping. 17% felt more sensitive and uncomfortable in an unusually quiet and stimulus-free environment. Consumers like to see themselves. Both eye tracking and galvanic responses showed a significant increase.

These are the results: the most used design includes an ok button and the option to deactivate categories in a second step (through the configure button). This option is the one that obtains the highest opt-in rates (70-94%) and the lowest. Opt-out rates (less than 1%). the design that the creators of the study consider most suitable includes an accept button and a reject button to facilitate the choice. And other The design that the creators of the study consider most suitable include an Accept button and a Reject button to facilitate the choice.

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