In short, it is a discipline applied by neuroscience in the field of marketing, to try to unravel how the consumer’s brain works and which areas must be activated to encourage the purchase. This allows us to know not only which marketing messages are most effective, but also which are the preferred products of consumers and why.

A Very Remarkable of Neuromarketing Is that It Brings A

scientific perspective. It is not about trying to “read minds”, but about applying the scientific method through studies in highly controlled laboratories. It seeks Azerbaijan Phone Number List to listen to the brain, not manipulate it. According to the  Business School, “with the arrival of neuromarketing, the detailed study of consumer behavior has been revolutionized.” And it is that, for the first time, brands can delve into that 80% of unconscious decisions to understand what the consumer thinks It is no longer a matter of analyzing what we say, but rather what we do and, above all, why we do it. In terms of its techniques, this discipline uses a variety of scientific tools to delve into the twists and turns of our brains. These are just some examples: Functional magnetic resonance. You can also get data on other factors such as pupil dilation or blinking. The electrical conductance of the skin. It allows measuring the physiological response of the individuals studied from their sweating.

A Famous Example of Neuromarketing Has as Its Protagonists

the two most famous rival brands in the world: Pepsi and Coca-Cola. In the world of marketing, knowledge is power, and this discipline gives us the keys to knowing our consumers through their physical and neurological reactions. But its advantages do not end there:

It provides the most optimized way to understand the relationship between the consumer’s mind and their behavior. It provides much more in-depth data than traditional market research. Identify “cause-effect” response patterns that make it easier to get new campaigns and products right.

For example, these are four of the territories where neuromarketing has brought great results: Smell. The senses have an evocative power of the most powerful to make marks reach the depths of us. The brain remembers smells much better and processes them at more subconscious levels than stimuli it receives from sight. It is the most emotional sense and therefore,

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