TopMedia Social NED is the platform that applies concepts and operating methods of social networks to electronic document management. The founding principle is the elimination of e-mails in structured and unstructured processes. With work groups bulletin boards Cambodia Phone Number notifications. The professional consultancy of WebScience helps the client with a first step. In identifying the business processes on which to apply the documental and collaborative solutions of Top Consult.

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Establishing a first set of use cases and concrete processes makes it possible to gradually and consciously tackle the introduction of the TopMedia solution, which offers an innovative and extremely effective way of working. At this point companies can continue with Cambodia Phone Number a second step through which a specific pilot process is launched with the new operating methods propose by the Top Consult solution. With the joint participation of Top Consult and WebScience.

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It is also the distinguishing factor of our document platform, where the Groupware solution manages unstructured processes, while Social Flow automates structured processes by integrating collaborative management of practices with collaborative automation Cambodia Phone Number of document flows. By also using the native electronic signature functions of TopMedia Social NED, not only paper but also pen. Is thus completing the last mile of digital transformationand realizing the real Digital Enterprise “.

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