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As a middle office, you often have to face hundreds Kuwait Phone Number of business needs. Can we meet these needs? of course not. The resources of China and Taiwan must be limit. Although the scale of China and Taiwan may be large, your relative business needs will definitely be more.

Therefore, Zhongtai cannot meet all the needs, and it is definitely necessary to make trade-offs between the needs. The conventional method is value judgment + blocking judgment.  stagnate. For other needs, if the business can close the loop, try to make the business itself close the loop.

China and Taiwan implement the main policy

Such a principle will definitely make some businesses feel. Unequal”, but this may be a natural contradiction, especially when the bandwidth of the middle platform itself is narrow and there is no room to move. To solve this contradiction. In addition to maintaining good communication, it is more necessary to rely on some symmetrical mechanisms to transfer the contradictions out, and a follow-up article will be publish on the cooperation mechanism between the middle and the business.

The ultimate goal of China and Taiwan: to improve efficiency


Why is it called great efficiency, because more often, we look at the efficiency of a single dimension, such as the benefits of a project or a product. But in fact, a lot of investment in China and Taiwan cannot be measured in this way, and it needs to be viewed from the two dimensions of space and time.

In terms of space, it means that Zhongtai invests in a lot of projects and does not directly affect the business. It may seem that Zhongtai has done something by itself, but in the end, the business will benefit from it.

Therefore, the purpose of Zhongtai is to improve the overall efficiency (each business + Zhongtai, now + future).

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