1 # Pre-launch marketing strategy: run a a product to jump-start quickly in marketing , you need to build buzz around its launch, starting weeks or even months in advance.One of the most popular techniques to achieve this is through giveaways and pre-launch contests . Offer your product exclusively to a handful of lucky people, in exchange for helping to spread the word about what is coming. There are many options: photo contests, prizes for the most original idea, raffles …Whichever you choose, try to find a system that increases virality as Jordan Email List much as possible, for example, by making users have to share their participation on social networks. Get creative with your messages to avoid being perceived as spam and offer extra points for bringing friends.2 # SEO marketing strategy: increase your organic visibilityOr in other words, fine-tune your SEO .Having a well-positioned website in search engines gives you a “base” of traffic to which you can communicate your new products, which makes things much easier for you than if you start from scratch every time.

For your search engine marketing strategy to work, you need to give users information that is truly useful to them. Focus especially on optimizing these three areas: The keywords . Don’t think about what you call your product, but how a new user would search for it.The meta description (or the first words of the text). Users see the meta description as the summary of your page in search engines, so it should be attractive. But beware: sometimes Google ignores it to show the first lines of the page, so make sure they are descriptive.The first paragraphs of the text : the objective is that the user is well informed of what your product is and what it does with the least investment of reading time possible.Web loading time: improve the loading time of your pages, so that search engines position you better.10 marketing strategies to sell product3 # Content Marketing Strategy: Create Shareable ContentRegular content creation is one of the most solid digital marketing strategies , especially in the medium and long term.Spend time creating a quality blog about your business or related topics that may be interesting to consumers. The objective is to get the users themselves to share them, generating traffic to your website on a regular basis.

The Inbound Marketing methodology is ideal for these cases. With it, you create valuable content that attracts your potential audience, to convert it to a lead and then a customer.4 # Remarketing strategy. Dare yourself!A smart marketing strategy involves recognizing that it is not just about impacting users blindly, but about guiding them step by step through the conversion funnel .Consumers can find themselves at different times in the buying cycle, and the first time they hear about you they may not yet be ready to buy. But that’s no reason to let them pass. What you have to do is get them to leave you their data to start nurturing your relationship with them.Similarly, don’t neglect your regular users. Stay in regular contact with them (for example, through a newsletter) and of course, don’t forget to notify them of your launch.5 # Buzz marketing strategy: get recommendedThe word of mouth is still an incredibly effective system to provide a product. Users naturally talk to their contacts about the products they use and make recommendations. But you can also give the wheel a push so that word of mouth or buzz marketing starts working in your favor. How? Very simple: create an incentive system for recommendations.

Everyone likes to get free stuff, so all you have to do is offer a discount coupon or “free shipping” offer in exchange for bringing a certain number of friends. And then follow the chain!6 # Optimize the speed of your siteA trick as simple as it is effective: make sure your website works at lightning speed.There is nothing that makes users more desperate than a web page that takes centuries to load. On the contrary, a fast and fluid website improves the user experience and the perception of the brand.There are many things you can do to improve the loading times of your website , so be sure to consult an expert. In the meantime, a quick trick: make your images quality enough to be seen clearly on a desktop computer, but no more.7 # Influencer and blogger marketing strategyInfluencers are the new kings of digital marketing strategies . As experts in a topic or sector, they usually have a loyal audience that is willing to follow their recommendations, which you can exploit in your favor to publicize the new product.To get bloggers and influencers talking about your brand , the most common strategies are hosting events and sending free samples. But keep in mind that you cannot “buy” their opinion, as they owe it to their audience to be honest about what they think.

To avoid disasters, do a good job of preliminary research to select the bloggers that interest you the most.8 # Take care of customer serviceIn recent years, users have become accustomed to receiving responses from brands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, you have to be available online to help them.Customer service is probably one of the areas where good staffing is most important. The ambassadors of your company must be patient, have empathy and be decisive in order to offer the customer experience that your brand deserves.9 # Prepare the FAQ before launching the productWhen you launch a new product, users often have a lot of questions about how it works. The more innovative it is, the more explanations you will have to give. Therefore, my recommendation is that you save as much work as possible in advance by creating a complete and highly visible “Frequently Asked Questions” section. Ideally, you should encourage users to visit it before contacting the company with questions.

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