The Board of Directors of Digital360 has appointed Raffaello Balocco and Gabriele Faggioli as Chief Executive Officers . Andrea Rangone leaves the position of CEO and takes up the position of President . The assembly also appointed the new Board and decided that Prof. Umberto Bertelè will hold the position of Honorary President .

Group Initiative Double

“Unfortunately no one has the crystal ball to know what the world that awaits us will really look like once.  Emergency is over reads the Believe me study. Positive examples are already there. The Chinese cosmetics company Lin Qingxuan. Thailand Phone Number  knockdown has converted all beauty consultants to the online channel  making them. Become beauty “ambassadors” and influencers and achieving a growth of 200% compared the previous year. Les Petits Joueurs  which produces luxury bags and shoes in Italy .

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Appointment With Web

Has launched a virtual showroom (Augmented Reality) with the option to try all products. Shanghai organized the first entirely digital Fashion Week on 6 April.Over 150 designersparticipated (including the Italian brand Pinko) and presented. Their autumn-winter collection in livestreaming via Tmall. The e-commerce platform of Alibaba. The event obtained over 11 million views and 2.82 million dollars in turnover.

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