strategy, it’s always a good idea to take a look at what your competition is doing. Therefore, as a first step, I recommend that you study the websites of your direct competitors and even the Netherlands Phone Number List for their databases. So you can see in which areas they are implementing marketing automation and what results it is giving them.

You Will Likely Detect Uses that Had Not Occurred to You, And

remember that you can also learn a lot from their mistakes!2) Give your customers the welcome they deserve they say that first impressions are very important. Therefore, when a user registers for the first time on your website. They should receive a welcome email that is up to your brand.

And it is not for less, because no less than 69% of online purchases remain half. For your automated cart recovery emails to be successful, you must first correctly identify the cause of the. The site required me to create an account (31%). The payment process was too long or complicated (23%). With this information, you will already be in a better position to create a personalized. The sequence of emails to convince your future clients. Not to leave things by halves.4) Segment one of the keys to any digital marketing strategy is knowing your audience.

Only from This Knowledge Will You Be Able to Identify Different Groups

of users and send them messages according to their needs. Segmentation can be done based on user behavior, products they like, their previous purchase history, interactions with the brand, and more. With all this information, you will be able to create communication flows adapted to each segment to achieve maximum effectiveness.5) Customize to the is the key to start personalizing your emails with marketing automation, but don’t just divide your audience into generic groups. Include blocks of dynamic content in your emails, for example, a product gallery that shows options similar to those that the user has already visited. The ultimate goal is to offer a unique experience for each user.6) Automate discounts and offers and seasonal discounts are the daily bread. Users love them, and for brands, they are a great opportunity to increase interactions and sales.


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