Marketing analytics or marketing analysis is the practice of measuring. Managing and analyzing the results of marketing your business to optimize them. To do this, it uses information gathered. Through different Indonesia Phone Number List to create a unified vision. From this view, the marketer can obtain information with which to draw. Conclusions that guide their next actions and. Make them more effective. Marketing analytics encompasses a multitude of metrics, among which key performance indicators or KPIs play a special role. Some examples of them are:

The Return on Investment or Roi: A Percentage that Expresses

the profitability of a specific marketing campaign based on its ability to obtain conversions.The average value of time to live or LTV: the income that a given customer brings. To the company during the entire time that they are buying. Your products or services.The cost per acquisition or CPA: the cost of converting a new user into a customer of the company. Why do marketing analytics because it turns data into information? Today, most companies have access to customer data in one way or another. But to take advantage of them, it is necessary to analyze, process, and turn them into useful conclusions for your business.

When It Comes to Getting a Budget for A New Sem Campaign, It Is Much

more compelling to say that the last Google Ads campaign had an. ROI of 250% than to simply claiming that paid advertising brings in more customers. In addition, with the proper analysis, you will not only be able to explain what happened, but also why. Because it helps you achieve your marketing goals. All online marketing actions should be oriented towards a global objective, for example, increasing lead generation or sales.

Marketing analytics makes it possible to know how we are progressing on that path and to correct the course whenever necessary. Good practices for doing marketing analytics take a strategic approach amount of data that you can collect with marketing analytics tools is simply overwhelming, so you need a system to be able to filter and focus on the essentials. To achieve this, one of the first steps in the analysis will be to establish your primary and secondary KPIs based on your objectives.


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