As well as, Below, we will explain the types. Norway Phone Number of charts commonly used by product managers and the usage scenarios of charts.

1. ER diagram

The ER (Entity Relationship) diagram is Norway Phone Number a classic diagram that describes the relationship between entities.

ER diagram is a diagram that product managers often deal with in their work. There are many ways to present ER diagrams. The most commonly used is to use the symbol mark specification specifie by class diagram in UML to describe and describe. render.

All the examples below are operat through the Process On tool.

If a novice product manager does not understand what a “relationship” is, you can look at the previous document


The two ER diagrams are link by a solid line, and the solid line marks N:1, indicating a many-to-one relationship, that is, multiple students correspond to a classroom.

As shown in the figure below, it is a one-to-one relationship ER diagram, which means that a citizen must correspond to an ID card, and an ID card also corresponds to a citizen.

1. Usage scenarios

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In the early stage of product design, we Norway Phone Number must think about the relationship between these entity types. If the product you are building now often has problems of logical confusion and duplication of functions, after decomposing requirements later, you can start by analyzing the ER diagram. In addition, when product managers output PRD documents, if they use text and diagrams, they cannot well reflect the entity relationship in the requirements. At this time, we can consider using ER diagrams to represent them.

Usually product managers, as long as they master one-to-one relationships, one-to-many relationships, and many-to-many relationships, can solve most of the entity problems we encounter in our work.

2. Flowchart

The International Standard Organization.ISO (International Standard Organization) defined the basic notation rules of flowcharts in 1970. Which is convenient for readers of different backgrounds to read and understand. It is recommended to use simple drawing rules as much as possible. symbols to draw flowcharts.

(1) Symbol requirements for flowcharts

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