Nearly three-quarters of surveyed consumers (74%) had heard of the USA Phone Number metaverse as of march, according to a. Press release wunderman. Thompson intelligence shared with marketing dive. That’s a noteworthy bump in. Awareness compared to last july, when just 32%. Reported being familiar with the term. Familiarity equally important has not. Been followed by understanding, as just 15% of respondents felt. They could explain what the metaverse is to. Other people. Despite this, two-thirds of consumers believe the concept could be life-changing, 68% described. It as the USA Phone Number “next internet” and 74% stated it is representative of the future. Worries persists around. The metaverse, with 72% of parents concerned about.

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People in the 16-65 equally important age range in the. And china, indicates that the metaverse has earned a spot in public. Discourse that could help hurry along adoption. Dive insight: wunderman thompson intelligence’s latest. Research, which is additive to USA Phone Number findings the group. Published in september, underpins the rapid clip at which. The. Metaverse has entered the mainstream. However, more people simply having heard the term does not. Correlate to USA Phone Number education about its inner workings, as few would feel confident describing what the metaverse is. In practice. Given the knowledge gap, the growing belief among. Consumers that the metaverse represents. “the future” might need to be taken with a grain of salt. Discrepancies potentially stem from a lack of a shared. Definition of what constitutes the metaverse.

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Describes it, at the equally important most basic level, as “an. Extension of our lives enhanced by technology.” more lofty. Depictions equally important imagine richly detailed online worlds. That people will plug into using virtual reality (vr) tools. There, they can participate in a variety of activities and purchase everything from clothes to property in an attempt to. Port over their real-world identities to USA Phone Number the digital realm. That’s the ideal envisioned by companies like meta. Platforms, equally important  which rebranded from facebook last year. To signal its commitments to USA Phone Number realizing such a hybrid. Social experience. Elsewhere, metaverse activations are. Essentially shorthand for online gaming. Children’s. Privacy equally important and 66% about children’s safety.

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