The desire for a good ice cream increases with the arrival of summer. Just the thought makes.  in the first place, You water right now. No problem, algida is here with a new and fresh solution! The famous group of. Magnum packaged ice creams , on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of dante’s death, celebrates. The poet with a limited edition of flavors. To review the div Guatemala Phone number  masterpiece of italian literature. Algida thought of three types of ice cream, a symbol of the ecstasy of taste, whose names recall the famous. Dante canticles: inferno, purgatorio and paradisodante and magnum inferno algida’s idea of. ​​launching tastes associated with the divine comedy, starting with the magnum inferno, stems from. The desire to describe  Guatemala Phone number ical period of covid.

A “Hellish” Period for the Whole World

The Guatemala Phone number spread of an unforeseen pandemic. Which has brought our lives to their knees and threatened the health of all, has recreated an earthly hell. The scenes of. The  caravan of the vehicles of the italian army transporting the bodies of the dead of covid; hospital wards collapsing. Due to the large number of patients in intensive care. I am a burning memory. “In the middle of. The journey of our life I found myself in a dark forest, because the straight path was lost. Magnum inferno is an ice cream that contains strong and contrasting flavors: salted Guatemala Phone number caramel that meets sweet raspberry cream. All covered with an extra dark chocolate glaze.

The Edition of This Version Is Limited to the

Guatemala Phone number

Months of march and april. Magnum celebrates. The guatemala phone number 700th anniversary of dante’s death dante’s purgatory according to magnum “ over white velvet of. Double caramel chocolate, golden mantle full of biscuit ice cream ”.  In addition, nothing is knowabout this version yet. What we know can be guessed from the preview image: a white chocolate glaze with a heart of biscuit ice cream. As a matter of fact, white compared to dark black leaves a glimmer of hope for redemption. This flavor will be available in may and. The commercial is top secret. Magnum celebrates dante with taste paradise. In like manner, I yearn for pink cocoa with rebellious desire, white and pistachio. As a matter of fact, taste that moves the guatemala phone number sun and the other stars.

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