The selection structure is also known as Panama Phone Number the branch structure. The selection structure is us to judge a given condition.  Judge some conditions according to the result of the judgment, and control the flow of the program. According to the result of the judgment. The flow of judgment can have

③ Loop structure

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A loop structure, also known as a repeating structure, is. Panama Phone Number a process structure in which a process repeatedly performs an operation under certain conditions. The loop structure divided into when structure (when) and until structure (while).

In the face of business processes, primary products will use words to describe the flow between states, such as the start state of an order, to the confirmation state of the order, and then to the end state of the order. This description is very difficult to understand. , we need to introduce various states to your friends through the state machine diagram. A state machine diagram, also called a Finite State Machine Diagram, is a diagram that describes all states and the flow rules between states.

2. Usage scenarios

Source State : The state affected by the transition;

Target State : Active after the transition is complete.

In the field of software design, “status” is everywhere in the business system: an order must have a status, an account must have a status, and a store must have a status.The state machine should pay attention to the following points:

  1. State values ​​are a finite set, all enumeration values ​​of states, must cover all practically possible cases
  2. The state values ​​must be mutually exclusive, and no ambiguity can appear.
  3. In order to describe the status more accurately, the status can also have sub-status, such as When the requirements received by the product manager, an instance can carry multiple operations, and there are multiple states, then the prd document must include a state machine diagram, otherwise the prd document is difficult to describe clearly between entities status related.

The state machine diagram in the figure below describes the review, pending execution, intermediate state, and state flow of an order when it is completed. Using a state machine diagram is simpler and clearer than using words.

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