We already know that there are multiple ways to sell on the Internet. For example, through e-commerce or virtual stores. However, today there have been methods and platforms. To market products and services that are well worth having Ivory Coast Phone Number List on your radar. One of them, without a doubt, is Live Commerce, and in this post, you will learn the most important things about this topic.

To Contextualize What Live Commerce Is and What It Has

in various parts of the world, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. We have to mention that COVID-19 and social distancing led to a mutation in the form of sales. The months that businesses were closed. Since then, various organizations around the globe have seen this practice as an ideal means of bringing buyers an experience with their products. And services as close as if they were face to face with it. Now, you may be wondering what we are talking about specifically, right? Well. Let’s get to it! What is Live Commerce?. In short, Live Commerce consists of the use of streaming. Platforms or live broadcasts to market, promote or sell products and services, very similar to what telesales do for television, but now on the Internet.

Now, Thanks to Live Commerce, Everything Is a Click Away, Where They

If we take into account that the retail sector has undergone a very drastic. Process of change since 2019 and that digitization and e-commerce have been fundamental. To keep brands connected with their consumers and potential customers. We can easily understand. How this model of Marketing has been so popular.

For example, technologies such as augmented reality or hyper-personalization are solutions that make it possible to “replace” the physical shopping experience, and Live Commerce emerges as another new and effective method to bring the tangible to the digital. Now, if we trace the trend to its place of origin, we could say that it manifested itself at really relevant levels in China, one of the first countries to put the distancing and business closure restrictions into practice. Perhaps the first indication of this was the massive migration of users to live broadcasts on social networks or streaming platforms to make their purchases.

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